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Monday, December 16, 2013

Milwaukee’s Best: A Lesson In School Choice, Part 1

By: Breeanne Howe (Diary) | December 15th, 2013

As a Blogger, I’ve had the privilege of traveling to many places around the country to learn about various issues. While it’s always exciting going to a new place, I admit to being a little torn upon finding out The Franklin Center’s School Choice Conference would be in Milwaukee. Not that there is anything wrong with Milwaukee, I just didn’t know anything about it and wasn’t really sure why we were headed there of all places. Okay well, I knew two things – something about cheese and football. But schools? Generally when I think about schools I’m pretty focused on the ones around me and the lack of choices therein. So let’s just say I went into the conference a bit skeptical. And while I did see someone with a block of cheese on his head watching football in a pub, the schools in Milwaukee took me by complete surprise.

We were treated to a ride on bright, yellow school buses which, being the geek I am, I fully enjoyed; although looking back, not leading everyone in a round of, “The Wheels On The Bus,” was an epic oversight on my part. Next time… Our first stop was Hope Christian High School, located in an unassuming building downtown. Hope is part of Milwaukee’s Parental Choice Program and almost all of their students are attending through the voucher program. After a brief introduction and a fun video the students made, we were let loose to explore the school.....To Read More....

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