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Friday, December 20, 2013

New Material Posted on the NIPCC Web site

Corals and Fleshy Algae: Living Together in a Future World (17 Dec 2013)
Non-calcifying primary producers, especially those driving large amplitudes in diurnal pH fluctuations, may be important buffer organisms against potential ocean acidification on coral reefs...
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On the Origin of Extreme Climatic Events (17 Dec 2013)
Based on the diagnosis of a spectrum of possible outcomes for precipitation over the Great Plains from this system, it was concluded that the severe Great Plains drought of May-July 2012 did not require extreme external forcings and could plausibly have arisen from atmospheric noise alone...
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Atmospheric Blocking in the Northern Hemisphere (17 Dec 2013)
It is not well represented in state-of-the-art CMIP5 climate models as might be expected, and this study provides the details...
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Tropical Tree Seedlings in a Warming World (17 Dec 2013)
Tropical trees are likely much more able to successfully deal with rising temperatures than many have long supposed...
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The Broad View of Holocene Climate from the Swedish Scandes (18 Dec 2013)
The findings of this study indicate that the emergence during the past two millennia of at least two short-term tree line and thermal excursions to higher than present levels (i.e. early 21st century) indicates that the current performance of the ecological and climatic systems is well within the envelope of the natural variability of the late Holocene...
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Modeling the Tibetan Plateau Summer Monsoon (18 Dec 2013)
CMIP5 simulations still struggle in their attempt, with the authors of this study concluding that significant scope still exists for improving the simulation by GCMs of Tibetan Plateau Summer Monsoon precipitation and regional climate change, especially in very mountainous areas...
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Effects of Elevated CO2 and O3 on Prairie Voles Feeding & Growth (18 Dec 2013)
Atmospheric CO2 enrichment had no discernible negative impacts on the growth and development of young male and female voles. In contrast, O3 enrichment of the air was clearly detrimental to the growth of females...
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