Monday, November 25, 2013

We Have Forgotten our own History-And Are Paying the Price

November 22, 2013 by

There is value in knowing your past. Knowing where you came from can provide guidance in determining where you are going. Our past can be a springboard into our future or an obstacle we must overcome, but in either case there is value in knowing our past. The same is true of nations. Unfortunately, as a nation, we have forgotten our past or, better said, we are no longer being taught our past. I could easily get distracted here and spend the remainder of this column enumerating the many shortcomings of public education, but these shortcomings are grist for another mill. The point of this column is to show where we have strayed from our roots as a nation and the price we are paying for having done so.

It is symptomatic of our collective national ignorance that when we think of Sam Adams, most Americans think of beer. Few Americans recognize Sam Adams as a Founding Father (he signed the Declaration of Independence), revolutionary statesman (he served in the Continental Congress and as Governor of Massachusetts), or an organizer of the Boston Tea Party. For that matter, how many Americans recognize that today’s Tea Party patriots view the Boston Tea Party as their historical antecedent?....To Read More....

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