Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Center for Media and Democracy: Liberals are morally superior

By M.D. Kittle / November 22, 2013

If Madison’s Center for Media and Democracy has its way, government investigators armed with subpoenas may soon raid the homes and offices of conservatives across the country in a national campaign that began right here, in the Democrat-controlled Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office.  Beginning with a press conference last week and promising a yearlong coordinated effort, CMD has spent several days speculating on the links between free-market political organizations. Any kind of cooperation among those groups to elect a conservative – for example, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker – is evidence of wrongdoing, CMD suggests in a rambling post on its website…….“Why should we be surprised conservative-funded groups are funding conservative causes?” the reporter asked. Doesn’t the same thing occur on the left?  The answer, according to CMD executive director Lisa Graves: Yes, but the left is morally superior in its motives…..To Read More….

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