Thursday, November 28, 2013

Suddenly, it's 'bigoted' to be Swedish

Islam pushes nations into cultural suicide
In the drive for Scandinavian culture to utterly annihilate itself as fast as possible, let it never be said that art galleries and institutions failed to do their part.
Oslo’s “New Nordic Art” website (as an example) reveals that “Nordic” has evolved to mean any person with absolutely no genetic, historic, cultural or especially religious connection to the region itself. Proof of the native purge is the list of artists from “Costa Rica, China, Israel, France, Palestine, Haiti/Switzerland, USA, UK, Lebanon and Japan.” Featured artists “reside” in Norway at some point, which is fine, but they seem to have entirely eclipsed anyone with a Norwegian grandmother.  Why the serious snub of indigenous Scandinavians?....... Akhtar Chaudhry, the speaker of Norway’s Parliament since 2009, has been pushing to change Norway’s flag to better suit Muslims there who only account for at most 3.4 percent of the entire population. No one has inquired if a change would offend indigenous Norwegians, who apparently no longer have any political voice......Read more at
My TakeWhat’s wrong with Sweden?  Their leaders are overwhelmingly leftists who promote idiotic policies of inclusion and tolerance to a movement this is the most intolerant group of people in the world – worshipers of Islam.  They demand their people make all sorts of adaptations in their own homeland in the name of one of the left's most sacred secular religious tenets, multiculturalism, while forcing their societies to accept these emotionally deranged criminals - who demand western civilized societies accept them just as they are – violent, intolerant and misogynistic.  Supposedly what they all stand against.   
It’s clear that the real enemy of the Nordic peoples in Sweden, Denmark and Norway aren't the Islamists.  It’s their ‘Nordic” leaders.  They have allowed these ravening wolves to run amok in their societies, and then excused them for their criminal behavior.  At some point the Scandinavian people will have had enough of this and there’s going to be violence.  And it will be the fault of these leftist leaders.  
We really do need to get this.  Islam isn’t a religion!  It’s a criminal political movement masquerading as a religion, or as Geert Wilders has said – “Islam is a lie, Muhammad a criminal, the Koran is poison.”
Is that true?  Well, all they have to do is read a history book, since it isn’t like we don’t have hundreds of years of history - supported by current events - to know this, and take a look at the news to recognize nothing has changed with Islam. 
 The left truly must be insane.  

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