Saturday, November 23, 2013

'Union of Concerned Scientists' Are Charlatans

By Tom Hartsfield November 21, 2013
Yesterday I found a letter in my mail from a reputable-sounding source: The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). Scientists, I thought. I bet they advocate on behalf of policy that is the most scientifically supported. Sounds like a great idea!  Before I made out the check for which they were begging me, I decided to carry out a little research to see for myself.
After a brief UCS website tour, however, I tore up their letter and threw it away. (Just kidding, I recycled it!) This group does not consistently practice “science advocacy.” Rather, it mostly pursues partisan politics, unashamedly using “science” as nothing more than a phony badge of credibility.  Reading the list of UCS policy positions quickly reveals that the group simply does not consistently support a scientifically sound agenda…..To Read More….

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