Tuesday, November 26, 2013

U.N. disability treaty won't protect the rights of wounded veterans

It has bounced around the Senate for more than a year without winning ratification. Yet supporters of the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities are back, pushing for yet another vote before senators head home for Christmas.
Progressives embrace the treaty as another step toward creating a set of universal standards that will enable all mankind to live in peace and harmony. But many conservatives view the treaty as an infringement on American sovereignty with little chance of making the world a better place.
Over the years, America’s military has fought mightily to preserve that sovereignty. Many of those fighters have paid the ultimate price. And many more have been severely disabled.
And, so, it was rather jarring to see Secretary of State John Kerry use Veterans Day to promote this sovereignty-threatening treaty. In his speech, Kerry declared he is “urging the United States Senate to approve the disabilities treaty, so that our wounded warriors are able to work, travel, and live abroad with the same dignity and respect they enjoy at home.” It was a blatant attempt to play on our sentiments for veterans. But would passing the treaty really benefit veterans abroad?.....To Read More…

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