Monday, November 25, 2013

Does Anyone Still Have Questions About The Lyin’ King’s “Credibility”?

Written on Saturday, November 23, 2013 by Marilyn Assenheim
On Monday The Lyin’ King claimed that Obamacare had enrolled “100 million people.” As the New York Post pointed out, he’d overstated “by about 99.9 million.” This was just the opening salvo in what has finally caused the most loyal of The Lyin’ King’s flacks to register a smidgen of doubt about his “credibility.”
The Obamacare “truth” meltdown has rapidly morphed from a snowball into a full-scale avalanche. Last Thursday, The Lyin’ King added to the accuracy of his moniker by swearing that he hadn’t lied about the government healthcare website being ready on time. According to Breitbart, the Imperial president claimed he wasn’t “stupid enough to claim that that the website would work if he knew that it would not.” Oops. On Tuesday, The White House spokesperson publically called the lie…a lie: “Jay Carney admitted that President Obama had, in fact, been briefed earlier in the year about potential problems with the website.” That briefing took place in March of this year. On Thursday FOX News reported: The White House is under intensified pressure to hit pause on the rollout of ObamaCare as evidence mounts that officials knew well ahead of time of major problems in the new health care law and its implementation — raising questions whether the administration went ahead, nonetheless, for political purposes.”……To Read More…

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