Sunday, November 24, 2013

FEATURED ARTICLE: Mark Cuban Takes On the Security and Exchange Commission

streiff (Diary) |
The existential threat to our way of life is not terrorism or nuclear holocaust, it is the metastatic growth of the regulatory state. One of the legacies of the New Deal is the proliferation of agencies composed of unelected busy bodies who have two overweening ambitions: controlling the lives of their fellow citizens and the aggrandizement of power to their agency. The second great threat is the unchecked militarization of our law enforcement organizations but that is a story for different day.
Whenever someone stands up to this low level fascism, regardless of personal foibles they become a hero in my book. Such a man is the rather erratic billionaire, Mark Cuban.
Over time, as detailed in this Wall Street Journal article by Cuban’s attorney, Lyle Roberts, the Security and Exchange Commission have succeeded in criminalizing knowledge:....To Read More....

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