Thursday, November 28, 2013

UCLA Accused of Racial “Micro-Aggression”

November 27, 2013 by

About 25 graduate students “of color” staged a sit-in in professor Val Rust’s UCLA classroom recently, alleging that there is a “toxic” racial climate in the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies. As partial evidence of that poisonous climate, they complained that the grammar and spelling corrections he made on their dissertation proposals are a form of racial “micro-aggression.”
The demonstration stemmed from a new report stating that UCLA’s policies and procedures don’t sufficiently address racial discrimination among the university’s faculty. The organizers alleged several examples, unspecified in the Daily Bruin article, in which minority students faced challenges and “micro-aggressions” from professors. Nora Cisneros, one of the sit-in participants, said they chose to protest Rust’s class because he doesn’t encourage “a climate where students of color can discuss issues of race openly.”…… So, unconscious racism that goes unnoticed by both parties is more of a danger than actual lynching – got that? (If you want to see to what ludicrous degree this phantom threat can be carried, check out this McGill University op-ed by the school paper’s Health and Education editor, Ralph Haddad. He accuses “Movember,” the annual month-long campaign in which men raise awareness of, and funds for, men’s health issues by growing mustaches, of “racist, sexist, and transphobic” micro-aggression.)……. This is all, of course, an extension of the cultural Marxism of political correctness, the wielding of language as a weapon against the established order. “Islamophobia,” “Israeli apartheid,” “micro-aggression” – the radical left has a genius for such neologisms.

The way to defuse these linguistic weapons is simply to refuse to legitimize them, and they will cease to have power. When Professor Rust corrects the grammar and spelling of insufficiently literate graduate students, for example, neither he nor the department nor the school should be cowed by trumped-up accusations of racist micro-aggression. The intellectual standards are the same for everyone – end of story…..To Read More….

My Take – How did they get this far without becoming properly literate? They did shoddy work all their lives and weren't required to be literate, so now they want to get credit for the same kind of shoddy work they did in the past, and get rewarded.  I hope everyone will take note that there is no claim they're not illiterate.  Merely that they should be rewarded in spite of their illiteracy by trumping up the race card.  Whenever I read this kind of claptrap I can’t help but think of that leftist group known as the Frankfurt School.  These leftists fled Hitler’s Germany and came here and contaminated American universities with their irrational radical thinking, That encouraged students to resist authority and traditional values, and then became shocked when students eventually rebelled in their classes.  These overeducated, undersmart ‘educators’ are to blame for this and I don’t have one iota of sympathy for them.  However, it seems likely that the taxpayers are getting short shrift in all this. 
We need to really get this.  Higher education has become a scam.  If we want to fix this we need to STOP FUNDING UNIVERSITIES, STOP STUDENT LOANS, STOP SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS, MAKE ALL UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES SELF FUNDING.    
That’s the fix!   
The price will go down and the quality will go up.  There are far too many kids in universities wasting their time and the public's money, and who may be burdened with student loans for years, many of whom will never graduate.   And these leftist professors will be out on the street selling pencils...... where they belong.

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