Sunday, November 24, 2013

Senate Democrats have done what Harry Reid said would be the end of the Senate

Democrats lie like Obama then nuke the filibuster
Dan Spencer (Diary) |
Under the leadership of Harry Reid, and with the blessing of President Obama, Senate Democrats actually nuked the filibuster. According to Chris Cillizza, Sean Sullivan, the issue that Reid saw as important enough to do something he said would change the U.S. Senate forever is the confirmation of three nominees to the U.S. Court of Appeals – D.C. Circuit:
This time around, Democrats have pushed three nominees to the crucial D.C. circuit court, which handles most of the critical cases on interpreting federal law. The Rs say the court — which tilts toward GOP-appointed judges at the moment — doesn’t need any more judges. And McCain’s gang of GOP senators agreed, blocking all 3 of Obama’s nominees.  Some see these nominees as an effort to pack the court after a series of decisions Obama did not like.
The issue was similar last July when Reid and company convinced the Republicans to capitulate on President Obama’s terrible nominees to the National Labor Relations Board. In tricking the Republicans into approving numerous nominees the Democrats promised they were “not touching judges.”......To Read More.....

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