Friday, November 22, 2013

Inspiration- The Language of Conservatism

November 21, 2013 by Nick Adams

As conservatives, we have a record that is inspirational. A message that is motivational. Of course we do. We believe in upward mobility. We believe anybody can rise above the circumstances of their birth and achieve whatever it is they wish to achieve.   And yet we have allowed the motivational Like the cultural institutions, we have not even made an effort to compete for this space. We have not sold motivation. It has never featured as part of our strategy, and yet it is among the most effective ways of winning hearts and minds. It speaks to vision.

The closest we’ve heard is when Ted Cruz spoke of opportunity conservatism. We have reached a point where we are firmly the underdog. We carry no cultural institutions. We have little momentum. But this means we are in a unique position to win the culture war. To reclaim America. To again re-assert Western values. So let’s speak the language of victory. But also the language of war. Because we- Western civilization- face no less...... Read more at.....

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