Wednesday, November 27, 2013

U.S. Sends Two B-52 Bombers Into Air Zone Claimed by China

By THOM SHANKER November 26, 2013

Defying China, two long-range American bombers flew through contested airspace over the East China Sea, days after the Chinese announced they were claiming the right to police the sky above a vast area that includes islands at the center of a simmering dispute with Japan.
Pentagon officials said Tuesday that the B-52s were on a routine training mission planned long in advance of the Chinese announcement on Saturday that it was establishing an “air defense identification zone” over the area. But the message was clear. To Read More....

My Take - This wasn't a routine training flight. No matter what is publically said the U.S. (which surprises me under this administration) regularly challenges any illegal claim to international air space and international waters, just as they did with the Gulf of Sidra off Lybia. This is going to heat up and down for some time.    It's worth watching.  

This is seemingly small, but what happens here will resonate throughout the region and in Russia.  Russia's army is filled with vodka soaked drunks, the navy is a rusting hulk and they're losing .5% of their population every year because so many are refusing to have children.  Russia plays a smart game, but they know they're incapable of maintaining any real war against China...which neither of them want because it would expose the both of them as 'paper tigers', who are bullies capabable of only beating up the 98 pound weaklings. 

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