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Friday, November 29, 2013

Four things Obama is thankful for

By Amie Parnes - 11/28/13
President Obama hasn’t made a dent in his second-term legislative agenda and has seen his poll numbers plummet in a difficult first year of his second term.  For the first time in his presidency, fewer Americans trust and like him, raising serious questions, even among his supporters, about whether he can make anything of his final three years in office.  White House allies—including Obama’s most staunch supporters—acknowledge the trouble plaguing the administration.  “There's no way to fudge it, it's been a pretty bleak year for the president,” said one former senior administration official. “It hasn't been victory after victory. In fact, the bright spots have been hard to discern.”  mAs bad as things have been, however, Obama has a handful of things to be thankful for, and hopeful that he can still turn around his second term…..To Read More……
My Take   There are a ton of comments about his article, and you may wish to review them, but if not, I have listed a number of them here.  To quote one of the responders who refers to himself as “Mein Kampf” -  I thought this was a serious article until I saw the economy was #1... funny!  It would appear that almost all of the readers of this article that appeared in The Hill had the same opinion and created their own lists.
Someone named “Sam’ said; “1) The Press 2) Uninformed Voters 3) Deceased Voters 4) Lap Dogs in Senate”.  He was followed by sonnyboy1saying, The only things obama is truly grateful for are; 1. The idiots who voted for him. 2. The senate and congress who don't have the cajones to impeach him.  Tony_Secosays, ‘Obama should be thankful for an electorate where over half willing believe his lies’, but I think robertbubba2 really hit the nail on the head pointing out; “4 things he can always count on NBC,CBS,ABC and MSNBC !!!!”
The lists were varied and not all had four items.  This one from "eoddvpj"says he can be, “Thankful for: 1-He doesn't have to run again, 2-Golf, 3-He has Repubs to blame, 4-He has Bush to blame.”  Then we have ewm who went historical on us with; 1. Saul Alinsky, 2. Jeremiah Wright,  3. Anita Dunn and 4. Tony Rezko
Salva veritate says; “The 4 things Obama is really grateful for: 1) That the records of his past are locked up tighter than data at the NSA, 2) The press is full of communist sympathizers, 3) No one has called his Unconstitutional executive orders bluff & impeached him, 4) The federal government, under the Dept of Education, has successfully dumbed down the population over the last couple of generations to the point that an idiot like him could actually get elected.
Gunner was far more succinct.  “Four things Obama is thankful for, Libtard low effort thinking voter's, Libtard low effort thinking voter's, Libtard low effort thinking voter's., Libtard low effort thinking voter's”, which kind of goes along with comments made by, georgedixon1.  He outlines his ‘five’ reasons Obama can be grateful.  1) Obama-IRS 2012 says Obama loves His corrupt IRS...otherwise would not have been thought to have won in 2012, 2) Democrat low information them Caring is only something to vote for...not to actually do, 3) Welfare and other Federal subsidies for his underclass, 4) Being a Liberal President is cushy job, lots of servants, big cars, free air travel, 5) No one has done any investigative journalism regarding him...
The we have proud patriot’s “Four things Obama is thankful for:1) Minority voters, 2) Welfare leeches 3) Harry Reid and the libtard dumbocrats of the Senate, 4) Mitt Romney.
DonRS isn’t as succinct as Gunner.  He says; “Let's consider some other things Obama should be thankful for: 1) An uninformed voting public. Too many voters pay no attention to the coming devastation set up by Obama's policies. 2) An inattentive voting public. Unless a problem SMACKS them in the face, their view is "what problem". 3) Establishment Republicans and RINOs. Elected officials that have long ago abandoned the notion of serving the people, rather fully adopted the idea of serving themselves. How many elected officials in Washington, DC, who, once they lose their office, return to "fly over country"? Rather than returning home, they remain in Washington, DC performing as lobbyists, consultants, or otherwise capitalizing on their contacts. Thus, they certainly don't want to alienate the entrenched liberals/socialists/communists/progressives/Democrats. Getting along by going along is their fundamental operating principle! 4) Lack of term limits on elected officials. The transformation of idealists, concerned about serving their constituents, good government, the Constitution, our laws, become the new residents of Washington, DC, loyal only to an ever expanding government, raking off lots of money for themselves, in the process! Most of our elected officials could not pass an IQ test! 5) An over riding factor of a thoroughly corrupt Federal Government - Legislative, Executive AND Judicial branches, exaggerated by the firmly entrenched, self serving bureaucracy!
Jamie think he should be grateful for 1. stupid democrats 2. dumb democrats 3.Ignorant democrats 4. obama worshipers.  He and Gunner have like thinking minds, keeping it short and sweet!  FThomasCain says; 1. The stupidity of the electorate,m 2. All the government dependent parasites Democrats have created over 50 years., 3. Democratic Party owned mainstream media, 4. A GOP leadership with no testicles, vision or plan on taxes, energy, welfare reform or trying to pass a balanced budget amendment - that would force all of the above.
Teapartyunobabyyyyyyyyyy lists Obama’s four accomplishments as  1. Jive talkin & walkin lies, 2. Soros puppet, 3. Jerimiah hateful wright aint right supporter, 4. Divider n Thief.
One thing is clear.  No matter what the polls say, Obama is incapable of fooling far more people than the media would have you believe, and in spite of how this is presented in so many different ways, there are a few things that rise above the rest.  These people believe, in all or part, Obama is in place because of the cowardly or corrupt media that is complicit in his crimes and won’t find fault with him or investigate his background, minority voters, dumbed down low information public, voter fraud, self promoters, large all too powerful corrupt government (all branches) and their agencies, corrupt big business, a corrupt, weak and cowardly opposition, corrupt elected Democrats, huge support from extreme leftists, and he lies with more skill and sincerity than Bill Clinton. 

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