Thursday, November 28, 2013

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Worst Two Words to a Liberal: “Christian Right” - November 27, 2013 by David L. Goetsch
To a liberal, the worst two words in the English language are “Christian Right.” For left-wing secular humanists, these two words conjure up images of Old Testament Pharisees who want to establish a theocracy on earth and stone to death all those who fall short of its tenets. Some humanists even consider the Christian Right to be one giant hate group. Apparently there are a lot of Americans who agree. In recent years there have been numerous books published proclaiming the Christian Right to be a dangerous group of theological fanatics determined to force all Americans to live by their values. Several of these books became bestsellers. One that springs immediately to mind is God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by the late Christopher

That's the question Micah Zenko poses at Foreign Policy. It's partly a rhetorical question meant to highlight a perceived double standard in how Israel's nuclear program is treated differently from Iran's--a double standard that isn't really one at all, since Israel is a democratic country and not a party to the Non-Proliferation Treaty in any case. But it's also a practical question, because of the low probability that normal air strikes would be enough to destroy Iran's dispersed, secretive, and largely buried nuclear facilities.

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