Thursday, November 28, 2013

Environmentalism Is the New Racism

November 27, 2013 by Daniel Greenfield
At the heart of all the left’s political agendas is wealth redistribution. That is as true of the Global Warming eco-scam as it is of anything else…..Wealth redistribution gave the left a firm grip on power in America. No matter how many lies it tells or how many crimes it commits, it knows that when election time comes around those who profit from its wealth redistribution programs will flock to the polls....The Global Warming scheme began the same way with tiers of economic interest. 
The first tier came out of the expert elites; scientists who had grant money waved under their noses and environmentalists who went from waving signs outside corporate offices to working as consultants for those corporations. Publicizing the scam were the journalists and politicians who reinvented themselves as environmental crusaders pumping out books warning that the end of the world was near…….The hypocrites who congregate at these summits don’t believe the scams that they’re selling, but are exploiting them to handicap each other’s economies while their corrupt expert elites greedily predict absurd visions of doom that their own data no longer supports.
Global Warming has become a micro-economy and a macro-cult; a massive financial scam for a world financial system running low on ways to escape its collapse and a pseudo-religion for a secular world. These believer-profiteers are turning environmentalism into the new racism using the dead from every typhoon and weather tragedy as poster children for their terrible eco-scam.…..To Read More…..

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