Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wimps Versus Barbarians

Thomas Sowell| May 21, 2013
An all too familiar scene was enacted on the campus of Swarthmore College during a meeting on May 4th to discuss demands by student activists for the college to divest itself of its investments in companies that dealt in fossil fuels.
As a speaker was beginning a presentation to show how many millions of dollars such a disinvestment would cost the college, student activists invaded the meeting, seized the microphone and shouted down a student who rose in the audience to object.
Although there were professors and administrators in the room -- including the college president -- apparently nobody had the guts to put a stop to these storm trooper tactics. Nor is it likely that there will be any punishment of those who put their own desires above the rights of others.......It's not just academics who won't defend decency. Trustees could fire college presidents who cave in to storm trooper tactics. Donors could stop donating to institutions that have sold out their principles to appease the campus barbarians. But when nobody is willing to defend civilized standards, the barbarians win.
Whether on college campuses or among nations on the world stage, if the battle comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are bound to win....To Read More....
My Take – Amazing isn’t it!  When these thugs attack free speech they cave in like the cowards they are.  When Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli demanded access to information about Mike Mann to see if fraud was perpetrated, they stand like a rock claiming academic freedom was under attack.   The universities of this nation are corrupt, incompetent and greedy.   Does the student body really want these things?  It seems unlikely to me, since the outrageous demands perpetrated by the radicals at the universities in the 60’s were not shared by most students.  It was a vocal and violent minority that perpetrated these things, and at times by threatening the lives of the faculty.  The thugs, leftists and radicals who want these things want them because they undermine all that are foundational to a stable society.  That is the goal of leftists.   Whose fault is it?  It is the fault of those who pay the salaries of those in leadership positions.  I can guarantee that if the government ended student loan policies and the alumni got up on their hind legs and revolted this would end.  The fix?  Defund!

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