Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Even with the best models, warmest decades, most CO2: Models are proven failures

From JoNova
This beautiful graph was posted at Roy Spencer’s and WattsUp, and no skeptic should miss it. I’m not sure if everyone appreciates just how piquant, complete and utter the failure is here. There are no excuses left. This is as good as it gets for climate modelers in 2013. John Christy used the best and latest models, he used all the models available, he has graphed the period of the fastest warming and during the times humans have emitted the most CO2. This is also the best data we have. If ever any model was to show the smallest skill, this would be it. None do.
Any sane modeler can only ask: ‘But how can the climate modelers pretend their models are working?’…..To Read More…..

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