Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pope Francis and the Vatican’s ‘Gay Lobby’

By Philip GiraldiJune 18, 2013

It is being reported that Pope Francis recently told an audience of South American prelates that there is indeed a “gay lobby” in the Vatican. The pronouncement, if that’s what it actually was, is predictably being interpreted in various ways. Some see the statement as a long overdue admission of a fact that has always been ignored but is hardly a secret based on revelations regarding priestly conduct that have flooded the media over the past two decades. Following the lead of the Italian media, there has also been considerable speculation that homosexuals in the Vatican might well have been subject to blackmail, prompting the pope’s concern because of possible linkages to the recent Vatileaks exposure of confidential curial and papal documents……...... What is most interesting is that the current pope would refer to homosexuals in the Vatican as a political entity—a lobby, presumably one that is organized to advance its own sometimes narrowly perceived interests. Commentators have already noted that it is unlikely that the mild-mannered and thoughtful Pope Francis will initiate some kind of witch hunt directed against gays, but the sad tale of Vatican corruption is certainly on his agenda, and the two issues might well be inextricably linked....To Read More....

My Take – Apparently there are those who perceive being mild mannered as evidence of weakness.  That may be a serious error in judgment.  As for ferreting out those within the power structure who have violated their vows; that  isn’t a “witch hunt”; it’s a scriptural moral imperative to cleanse the congregation.  Somehow that seems to be forgotten in all of this.

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