Friday, June 21, 2013

Transcripts Won't Help the IRS

Carol Platt Liebau | Jun 20, 2013
Here is a transcript of congressional investigators' interview with John Shafer, a screening manager based in Cincinnati, released by Rep. Elijah Cummings. Clearly, the release is an assist from Cummings to the IRS, an effort to make sure that everyone being investigated can be "on the same page" -- both literally and figuratively.
About the transcript, Forbes' Richard Rubin notes:
What’s less clear is exactly why the groups’ applications were delayed for so long, why the IRS couldn’t come up with clear rules and why senior executives didn’t tell interested lawmakers about concerns earlier.
That's all true, as far as it goes. But every coordinated, innocuous "explanation" proffered by the IRS isn't really going to answer Americans' questions until someone can explain how it was that only conservative groups were subjected to extra scrutiny and harassment.
(More later - in the meantime, if you see anything in the transcripts that bears particular mention, email me at Carol(at) or message me at @CPLiebau)….This Appeared Here…..

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