Sunday, June 23, 2013

For longer life and less cancer: Pesticides!

American Council on Science and Health

A large, U.K. government-supported study, The Pesticide Users’ Health Study, 1987-2005 (PUHS) was released this week. This huge evaluation of various health outcomes focused on mortality and cancer incidence data collected from 59,000 male and 4,000 female certified pesticide commercial users over almost two decades.   The results, which are sure to come as a welcome surprise to those who are truly concerned about the possible adverse health effects of pesticide exposure, revealed a significantly lower rate of all-cause death as well as cancer death among the workers as compared to the general UK population. The decreased total death rate was down by an astounding 42 percent, and the lower cancer death rate was down an almost-as-amazing 28 percent. (Of course, as welcome as these results will be to public health devotees and farmers, those activists who obsessively attack the alleged toxicity of pesticides will now have to do some regrouping)....To Read More....

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