Thursday, June 20, 2013

How Junk Science Distorts What We Read, And The Way We're Governed

By Kerri Tolockzko

There is an enormous difference between political activism and medical science. Standing between should be media investigating instead of just taking notes, and physicians reviewing studies with an objective eye for methodology and intent, not simply taking a researcher’s word for it.

Instead, a lazy and compliant media and overwhelmed doctors are leading Americans to inconvenient, unnecessary and expensive lifestyle and consumer choices based on the same level of science it takes to cook brownies in an Easy Bake Oven.

 In late February, a physician appeared on the Washington, DC Foxaffiliate to inform consumers of a Yale University study claiming exposure to PFCs (important and ubiquitous stain and water-resistant compounds) leads to osteoarthritis in women. “Dr. Mike,” most certainly a caring physician, revealed this information as if it were gospel and we women should step away from non-stick pans before we loose the ability to walk.

However frightening Dr. Mike’s assertion was, it was equally as false. A review of this study reveals non-scientific results and exposes its agenda-driven silly science....... Researchers used “logistic regression models” to “estimate associations,” noting “effects by gender were estimated.”

In other words, they guessed. 

Authors admitted they did not establish causality and called for further exploration to actually find linkage between common chemicals and arthritis, but that did not stop them from promoting their conclusion that “associations” were real. This was then repeated as unassailable fact…….To Read More…..

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