Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mob rule in Texas: abortion bill shouted down by protesters

John Hayward
This is how it’s done in the Third World, not a responsible democracy: a mob of 400 protesters managed to literally shout down a ban on late-term abortions in the Texas Senate chamber late Tuesday night. The bill would have passed, but the protesters made so much noise that the vote could not be completed before the midnight deadline.
The vote had already been delayed for hours, thanks to an all-day filibuster by state senator Wendy Davis, who received encouragement from none other than President Barack Obama. Remember that the next time Obama complains about a Republican filibuster. It’s also presumably acceptable to pack the room with protesters and shout Obama and the Democrats down during speeches and legislation. If Obama’s not comfortable with that, it would make him a hypocritical tyrant, and he keeps telling us not to listen to the voices that warn against tyranny. Let the word go out from coast to coast: Barack Obama endorses filibusters and mob rule. ........ 400 protesters get to decide what constitutes a “people’s filibuster?” These people have no idea what demon bottles of tyranny they’re uncorking. Everyone who can round up a few hundred noisy demonstrators will now get to declare themselves avatars of “the people” and overturn the results of representative elections. Or should we just submit meekly to tyranny and agree that only certain special ideologies get to employ these tactics?......To Read More.....

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