Friday, June 21, 2013

Corker-Hoeven: Schumer’s Wimp Brigade Rides to the Rescue

Daniel Horowitz (Diary) |
Imagine if Democrats elected senators from blue states in the northeast who worked behind closed doors with Ted Cruz to craft national right to work legislation or a compromise plan to privatize Social Security? That’s about as likely as Lady Gaga joining the Family Research Council.  Yet, we continue to elect Republicans like John Hoeven who work behind the scenes to carry water for the progressives. They gravitate to one-sided compromises that sell out our Republic like flies on ethanol.
By now, you’re probably asking, John who?
Yes, Hoeven has been awfully quiet since being coronated in 2010. Aside for the occasional noise about the Keystone Pipeline, he doesn’t do much in the Senate…other than vote to raise the debt ceiling, fund Obamacare, implement an internet sales tax, support earmarks, increase food stamp spending, and vote for every subsidy under the sun.  Now he has taken it upon himself to serve as the less charismatic appendix to Bob Corker in saving Schumer’s dying amnesty bill…To Read More…. …

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