Thursday, June 27, 2013

All Bets Off as SCOTUS Takes Down Marriage

Tad Cronn, June 26, 2013

…..the Supreme Court allowed the few states that accept homosexual “marriages” to rip apart the bedrock institution of marriage. ……In the DOMA case, five justices decided that DOMA singled out married homosexuals and denied them government benefits they were entitled to by virtue of being “married,” something that never would have happened in the first place if not for states like California, where elected officials like Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom ignored voters and existing law to hand out marriage licenses on their own authority.
Newsom’s illegal shenanigans while mayor of San Francisco, in fact, led directly to the ballot initiative Prop. 8, which outlawed homosexual “marriages” but was also ignored by the liberals in charge of the state…. The one positive in today’s double disaster is that the court technically did not rule on the validity of Prop. 8, or similar state bans, merely remanded it back to the lower courts and let the existing ruling stand for a technicality.
It’s small comfort as the entire country will now go down the dark highway of homosexual “marriage” and whole new rounds of legal nonsense and manipulation from the Left. Expect interest groups to now try to leverage today’s decisions into legal weapons with which to go after conservatives and their churches and temples.
That’s what happened in every country that ever adopted homosexual “marriage,” and it’s already begun in states where such unions are legal.......To Read More….

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