Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Wind is Always Blowing Somewhere! Really? So What?

By Rich Kozlovich

Recently I had the good fortune of being contacted by John Droz Jr., a physicist and environmental advocate. He sent me a link to what I think has got to be the most intellectually devastating, yet entertaining, expose in existence regarding the wind energy fraud being perpetrated on the American public and the world by politicians, environmentalists, greedy businessmen and corrupt scientists.

He asks this question: Should our energy policies be determined by lobbyists or by science? His presentation answers that question in spades!  It is a bit long, but it isn’t boring, and if there is a more comprehensive presentation about wind energy, I would love to see it. Please take the time to view: EnergyPresentation.InfoFor those who are truly interested in the facts regarding energy production; this is a must!  See this along with;

You may also be interested in his website;  MasterResource  is a free-market energy blog that publishes his periodic newsletters.

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