Friday, June 28, 2013

Islam, Rape and Theology

June 28, 2013 By Bruce Bawer
Five days before 9/11, a famous Norwegian social anthropologist (and Norway may well be the only nation on Earth where there is such a thing as a famous social anthropologist) instructed her countrywomen that the way to bring down the high number of rapes – most of which, even way back then, were already being committed by “non-Western immigrants” – was for them to stop dressing in a manner that Muslim men found provocative. Norway, she lectured, was steadily becoming “a multicultural society,” and Norwegian women, if they didn’t want to wind up being brutally ravished in an alleyway by some Pakistani gang, should choose their wardrobes appropriately. Period……What about Syria? An April headline in the Atlantic didn’t pull punches: “Syria Has a Massive Rape Crisis.” A Syrian psychologist who works with rape victims said that she always tells families rape is “a way to break the family” and that she urges them, “Don’t let this break you – this is what they’re trying to do.” (To which the women respond: “Tell that to our husbands.”) A Toronto Star piece acknowledged that rape victims in Syria risk “being cast out or even killed to protect the family’s honour.” – yet managed, as so many of these reports in the Western media do, to omit entirely the words “Muslim” and “Islam.”…To Read More…..
My Take - Western countries are being led down an insane path to attain something called "multiculturalism"! What exactly is it? It is a formula designed to destroy western Judaic/Christian culture by leftist elitists. Why is that so hard to grasp? But this 'seeming' inability to fail to grasp reality is not an accident.  In my opinion it's clearly deliberate.
On Thursday, June 20, 2013I wrote an article titled, “What is it With the Swedes?” regarding a brutal gang rape of a 15 year old Swedish girl by six Muslim youths.  I've never had an overwhelming number of hits from Sweden over the years, except when I posted some articles regarding solar energy during a winter when people were freezing to death in Eastern Europe as a result of insufficient energy.  All due to government policies on CO2 emissions!   But Swedes are regular occasional readers of Paradigms and Demographics, so under these circumstances I would think the number of hits would skyrocket.  It didn’t.  In point of fact I haven’t had a hit from Sweden since I wrote the article.  Is that Sweden’s government censoring the internet?  I believe it is, and this site explains their justification for it.  All of that sounding reasonable on the surface, but I am willing to bet that anyone who wrote similar articles was never read in Sweden either. 
Does anyone beside me find that insane?  I still have to come back to my original question;  What is it with the Swedes?

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