Saturday, June 29, 2013

Liberals Sanction Republican Bible-thumping, Just This Once

Written on Friday, June 28, 2013 by Benjamin Duffy

An historical event transpired this month in American politics that went largely unnoticed. For the first time in my lifetime, a Republican referenced scripture in support of his political agenda and he wasn’t compared to the mullahs of Iran.   The Republican was Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and he was speaking of course about “immigration reform”—his words, not mine. I kept waiting for him to be accused of wanting to replace civil law with the Bible and yet it never came.

“Now, we have an obligation to be responsible to our country and not do anything that hurts America but also our faith calls us to compassion,” said Rubio. “If you took compassion or the principle of compassion out of the Bible, it would be in tatters because it’s all over the place.”  The unwritten rule of American politics is that liberals may speak in Biblical terms but conservatives have to keep it secular. Pat Robertson is a menace, an advocate of creeping—and sometimes galloping—theocracy, while Jim Wallis is a respected clergyman with a passion for justice. The Catholic Church is free to advocate for more spending on social services but should keep its nose out of the abortion debate….To Read More…..

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