Wednesday, October 3, 2012

French Study on GMO's: Making a mockery of scientific ethics

Written by Dr Madsen Pirie 
Last week saw an outrageous abuse of scientific ethics which deserves wider coverage and denunciation in case it becomes widespread.  French scientists based at Caen had a paper published in the journal "Food and Chemical Toxicology."  The paper concerned the effects on rats who were fed supplements of the herbicide Roundup or a crop genetically modified to tolerate high levels of Roundup.....The point is that the scientific authors deliberately prevented these flaws from being revealed at the time of publication.  They had a field day of uncritical coverage, and violated all the ethics of scientific research to achieve that.  The result is that for years to come anti-GM zealots will cite their findings without any of the criticism that undermined them.   To Read More…..

My Take - For those who have been reading Paradigms and Demographics you know this is exactly the kind of thing I predicted.  How could I know such a thing?  It all comes back to this; everything we are told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality!  The reality is that nothing they claimed was ever shown to happen in all the many experiments conducted on GMO's. The reality is that nothing they claimed was happening anywhere except their labs.   This was no different than the fraudulent endocrine study from Tulane University.  Conclusions in search of data! 

Therefore; my conclusion was an easy one to come to.  The reality is that this whole kind of fraudulent junk science has historical foundation.   And as long as there is grant money to promote junk.....junk will be promoted.  There is a reason I say that scientific integrity is an oxymoron. 

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