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Friday, October 26, 2012

Proposal to change Michigan’s Constitution

Posted on by sandyjfs
Michigan voters could make Michigan the first and only state to make renewable energy mandates part of its Constitution if Proposal 3 is passed. Proposal 3 would require 25% of the electricity produced in the state to come from renewable sources — wind, solar, hydro and biomass — by 2025.
In less than two weeks, Michigan voters will decide on a hotly contested ballot initiative on whether the state should become the first in the country to enshrine a renewable energy mandate in its constitution, a move that backers say could put clean energy in the national spotlight...... It’s only logical that businesses wouldn’t be attracted to a state with higher expenses and burdensome regulations. The Michigan economy is expected to take a hit of $2.55 billion, along with a loss of $147 million in investments in the state and more than 10,000 job losses, said the study.  The measure is funded predominately by San Francisco-based Green Tech Action Fund and New York-based NRDC Action Fund.  To Read More....

My Take – I keep coming back to foundational stuff that the media, and the promoters of this stuff constantly fail to mention.  Why does this have to be imposed via regulation, or in this case, by a state law….and one that may be impossible to overturn .....if it such a great idea?  The answer is that alternative energy is a failure financially, it is a failure ecologically and it will destroy the ability of any culture to grow or even maintain an advanced modern society;  which cheap abundant energy is an absolute imperative, and the greenies understand that all too well.  That is why they promote failure.....that is what they want.  To destroy capitalism!  I wish more people took the time to look into organizations like the NRDC, then maybe this horsepucky wouldn't so easily sway society.
We need to get this once and for all.  If alternative energy was worth anything some businessman would have already found a way to bring it into the marketplace.  But that never happens without massive government mandates, subsidies or tax breaks.  When those stop so does the project.  The worst part is that it isn’t just far more expensive, it is also inadequate to meet the nation's current needs, and it will never meet future needs with current technology.  We really do need to get that, especially since we now have the European example!  Please take a look at today's post  From The Climate Policy Network. RK

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