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Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama Calls on 50 U.S. Governors to Honor United Nations

By Fred Lucas October 24, 2012
“I urge the Governors of the 50 States, and the officials of all other areas under the flag of the United States, to observe United Nations Day with appropriate ceremonies and activities,” the presidential proclamation said.  Oct. 24 is traditionally United Nations Day each year. The proclamation praised the often politically polarizing world body that was founded 67 years ago after World War II.
“Today, we commemorate United Nations Day by celebrating the founding ideals laid down in its Charter and reaffirming the commitments to peace building, human rights, and social progress that will guide us in the years to come,” Obama’s proclamation said. “Throughout its history, the United Nations Charter has reflected the belief that the world is more secure when the global community acts collectively.”
Obama went on to state why the organization is relevant to today’s global challenges.
My Take – Did I miss something at some point?   Obama wants fifty governors (at least he knows how many states there are now…now that’s progress) to honor the most incompetent and corrupt organization the world has ever known…..did I get that right?  I didn’t miss anything did I?  An organization that has worked diligently to overturn the U.S. Constitution with every treaty they promote.  I didn’t miss that did I?  Isn’t this the organization that has worked to destroy the U.S. economy with its green initiatives?  Did I get that right?  Hmmmmm
Okay….so what do we have?  The governors of the fifty states of the United States are expected to honor an amazingly corrupt organization that is attempting to control all the land in the U.S., have total domination over the world's oceans, outline how children are to be raised worldwide, destroy the economy, eliminate the rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution and the governors are supposed to be happy about that!
Surely…….I must have missed something! 

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