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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Ohio – The Center of the Political Universe

Bruce Bialosky Oct 29, 2012
When I moved from Shaker Heights (Cleveland), Ohio, at 15 years of age, little did I know that I would be excluded from the world of presidential politics as a grownup by being a Californian. In 2012, I have returned to Ohio for the last two weeks of the campaign -- and what a difference 2,000 miles makes. There is actually an election going on here.
It does not take long to confirm the reality that you have entered the epicenter of Election 2012. The local news reports that Biden and Obama were here today (Tuesday, October 23rd) for a rally in Dayton. On Thursday Romney will be here doing multiple events, but a Romney son was also here on Tuesday doing events with Governor Kasich. Watching local news you see commercial after commercial for the candidates trying to cross the finish line in first place.  To Read More.......

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