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Monday, October 29, 2012

American Infidel

By Eric Allen Bell , October 26, 2012
I you are an American Infidel, Political Islam wants to kill you, subjugate you or convert you to Islam.  Theses commands are as plain as day in the Islamic scriptures.  And carried out, as reflected in the 20,000-plus acts of Islamic terrorism, just since 9/11 alone.  Fortunately a great many American Muslims do not follow the Quran and they don’t understand it.  But then there are those who do.  As the late Christopher Hitchens once remarked, “If god truly did write the Quran, then clearly he must have been having a bad day.”...... 
Islam….means submission.  But we keep getting told that Islam means peace. … Islam….[peace] can only occur once the entire world has finally been forced to submit to Islam.  Recently a “peace” loving follower of Islam tried to blow up the Federal Reserve building in New York.  Fortunately, in spite of extremely aggressive lobbying by Islamic groups such as CAIR to try to get the government to “stop spying on Muslims,” the plot was foiled.  Law enforcement in New York has stopped over a dozen attempted acts of major terrorism since 9/11.  I think it was Robert Spencer who pointed out that “the problem with Islamophobia is that it gets in the way of jihad.”....Liberty allows us to evolve into better versions of ourselves.  Islam, on the other hand, appeals mainly to the darker side of the human psyche.  To Read More....

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