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Saturday, October 27, 2012

From The Climate Policy Network

EU In Disarray Over Future Climate Policy

EU Fails To Agree Post-Kyoto Negotiating Position

My Take - The EU is in disarray over the future of climate policy and fails to agree on another Kyoto?  Is that what it says?  Really?  You mean the smug head nodding self-righteous greenie bureaucrats and leaders of the EU, who so solemnly looked down their noses at the Americans for not signing onto what has to be the original dumb deal, are now unable and unwilling to sign on to more Kyoto stupidity?  Is that what I am reading?  Wow!  Apparently the Americans aren’t so stupid; the EU isn’t so righteous; and now we have reached the point where reality is reaching its zenith......The Inevitability Factor.   Here is the truths that are absolute and have pushed them to the Inevitability Factor. 
First, we need vast amounts of cheap energy to maintain a modern advanced society.  Their plans will not only restrict the amount of energy available, it will be so expensive they won’t be able to afford it and compete economically.
Secondly, this whole Kyoto claptrap was predicated on the idea that we were destroying the world with CO2 emissions and we needed to adopt ‘green’ energy sources.  It turns out that global warming is a farce and in reality we live in a CO2 starved world and we aren’t destroying the planet with our energy production.
Thirdly, they insisted that we needed to adopt ‘green’ energy sources because we were running out of traditional energy sources.  The reality is that we aren’t running out of traditional energy sources at all.
Fourth, now everyone knows that we aren’t running out of energy sources and global warming is a farce.….and those who spout the same idiotic greenie nonsense they were spouting just a few years ago look to be at the very least uninformed, misinformed, irrational and at the worst; insane!   
Fifth, and this is the most important. None of this was ever about the environment, it was about global governance, and now these arrogant greenie socialists are being exposed for who and what they are. 
For those who have been ridiculed for many years over this global warming fraud  --- schadenfreude is turning out to be much more pleasant than I thought it would be ---- but I knew we would be at this point some day.   One more thing!
To be green is to be morally defective!
Discussions on the European Union’s negotiating position at upcoming UN climate talks ended inconclusively last night (25 October) because of divisions over whether tradeable emissions allowances should be carried over to the next period of the Kyoto Protocol. Poland’s environment minister said after yesterday’s meeting that he had the support of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Slovakia in wanting credits to be carried over. --Dave Keating, European Voice, 26 October 2012

EU talks to agree tactics ahead of an international climate summit in Doha next month ended in disarray on Thursday, after coal-dependent Poland led opposition to more ambitious attempts to curb atmospheric pollution (sic).  “We have not moved at all,” an EU official said on condition of anonymity. “The lack of agreement could endanger a second commitment period.”
--Barbara Lewis,
Reuters, 26 October 2012

Germany is dumping electricity on its unwilling neighbors and by wintertime the feud should come to a head. The power grids in Eastern Europe are stretched to their limits and face potential blackouts when output surges from German wind turbines.  “The Germans are using our infrastructure in an excessive manner,” CEPS board member Zbynek Boldis said in an interview in Prague. “At this point they’re getting a free lunch.” --Ladka Bauerova and Tino Andresen,
Bloomberg, 26 October 2012

Concerns are mounting that the government’s crucial Energy Bill could be subject to a delay, after industry sources confirmed they had been told not to expect publication of the bill until mid-November, while some are speculating that it could yet be put back until December. The prospect of any delay to the bill will further fuel speculation over whether the Lib Dems have been able to secure Treasury support for both the inclusion of a decarbonisation target for the power sector in the legislation and the creation of a government-backed company to guarantee long-term financial support for low carbon power projects. --James Murray,
Business Green, 25 October 2012

It’s quite plain that the great bulk of this brutal price hike comes directly or indirectly from renewable power and energy-efficiency efforts. In other words, it comes from compulsory government programmes intended to cut our national carbon emissions.  Just remember that, then, the next time you hear a politician stigmatised as a climate sceptic. A vote for that politician is a vote against this sort of vicious price rise, this sort of stealth tax targeted on ordinary folk who find their energy bills a significant cost – the sort of hit that most of us will find pretty painful, given the current economic climate.--Lewis Page,
The Register, 26 October 2012


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