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Saturday, October 27, 2012

North Korean dictator orders execution by mortar

By: John Hayward  10/26/2012 08:57 AM
There’s a general presumption in geopolitics that most national governments are, by and large, rational actors…..then you’ve got Kim Jong-Un, the gibbering lunatic who runs North Korea. ......He’s turning out to be a clever little demon…..His latest victim was Kim Chol, vice-minister of the army.  The minister was arrested for being insufficiently glum during the officially mandated mourning period for North Korea’s previous dictator, Kim Jong-Il.  [so]……Kim Jong-Un [was] so distraught that he ordered the vice-minister not only executed, but erased.  ”Leave no trace of him behind, down to his hair,” the executioners were told.  So…. then lobbed a mortar round into his lap, blowing him to smithereens.  This Appeared Here….
My Take -  Amazing!  Where is the worldwide moral outrage from the professional main stream media who are constantly gnashing their teeth and residing in sackcloth and ashes over any little misdeed of America.  Oh...I forgot.  This guy is a commie.  That of course makes all the difference.  After all…..there is no need to be upset if an atheistic, murderous, corrupt, psychotic, from a line of ruling psychotics, murders, starves and devastates his people.  But you had better watch out if you are a capitalist and you didn't sign some union contract that would bankrupt you.  Because then you would be immoral and deserve 24/7 coverage displaying their moral outrage.  Being a leftie is exactly like being a greenie.  You have to be morally defective.   RK

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