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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Logical Fallacy of the Week, Week 48: Nirvana Fallacy

The nirvana fallacy is the logical error of comparing actual things with unrealistic, idealized alternatives. It can also refer to the tendency to assume that there is a perfect solution to a particular problem. A closely related concept is the perfect solution fallacy.
Example: "If we go on the Highway 95 at four in the morning, we will get to our destination exactly on time because there will be NO traffic whatsoever."
By creating a false dichotomy that presents one option which is obviously advantageous—while at the same time being completely implausible—a person using the nirvana fallacy can attack any opposing idea because it is imperfect. The choice is not between real world solutions and utopia; it is, rather, a choice between one realistic possibility and another which is merely better. 
My Take - So many of these fallacies don't seem to have any bearing on my life. For that matter.....some of them don’t' seem to have any bearing on anyone's life, except to create unending philosophical discussions that end up sounding more like psychobabble.  Sort of like in past times when one of the "great" philosophical discussions was "how many angels could fit on the head of a pin".  Who cares?  Who has time to waste on such foolishness?   Yet there is was, and some of these are just as silly.     
However, this isn't one of those.  This is a fallacy that is deliberately used by the greenies and the leftists to demand change.   A demand for a change that cannot exist...nirvana! 
These self same people will scream with outrage at any imperfection from those holding traditional values, but are virtually blind to the socialist monsters and leftist tyrants that have ruined the lives of billions over the last almost 100 years.  This is a tool of the left.  Point out imperfections and demand perfection in order to gain power.  After that the only perfection they are concerned with is perfect obedience....from everyone else. 
The Nirvana Fallacy is a tool that destroys us with our own values.  RK 

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