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Friday, October 26, 2012

FBI investigates voter intimidation letters sent to Florida Republicans

John Hayward 
A strange story has been brewing in Florida, where a number of people have received official-looking letters claiming they are ineligible to vote.  The state of Florida, of course, undertook a high-profile effort to clean up its voter registration earlier this year. (Number of people unfairly “disenfranchised” by this program: Zero.)  The hoax letters inform targeted voters that their citizenship status has been called into question.  The goal appears to be intimidating voters out of participation in early voting by absentee ballot, which begins this weekend in Florida.
These letters, which falsely claim to originate from legitimate county election supervisors in Florida, are actually coming from Seattle.  They’ve turned up in 28 different counties.  And the targets of the hoax are mostly Republicans, although a few registered Democrats and independents have also reported receiving the hoax letters.  NBC News reports “between 50 and 100 such letters have been reported to state officials so far,” although it’s unlikely all of them have been reported to the authorities.  To Read More…..

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