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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Science and religion are united in a shared sense of wonder

Jeff Forshaw , The Observer, Saturday 27 October 2012 , Jump to comments (41)

Fortunately, I don't spend much time on the horns of that dilemma, although that did briefly change recently when I had the privilege to attend a conference on the banks of Lake Geneva organised by Wilton Park, a forum for international dialogue, in partnership with Cern. The event drew together particle physicists, cosmologists, theologians and philosophers in the name of dialogue and mutual understanding. Some might say that Cern should stick to science but I don't agree. A major reason for the popularity of fundamental physics is that it is seen to tackle some pretty "deep" questions – the kinds of questions that really "mean" something – and the quest for meaning is not something best left to scientists…..To Read More…

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