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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You think homeschoolers are undecided?

Editors Note:  Normally I don't like these kinds of weird presentations, and it isn't because I'm old either.  I never like any weird stuff that reminds me of the hippies, (I despised the hippies.  I still despise them) but in this case I must make an exception.  Mitchell's cogent observations are absolutely worth promoting about the 'undecided’s', polling and the danger of public education.  He is also correct in noting that this didn't just happen overnight.  This was part of a long range goal of undermining society with our own values.  Bear with him on this as it is worth watching.   
There is one more thing.   I don’t watch debates, or convention speeches, or any of the most hyped claptrap.  I consider all of that the waste of a perfectly good evening, especially since for the next week that is all that will be discussed by the media and I will get all the highlights, views, angles....and mug shots.  My view is that debates are for the media, to assure full employment, for the pollsters, to assure expanded employment, for the politicians, to get employed or stay employed, and the ignorant.  At least the ignorant have an honest goal.  They are so bored that they want to be entertained while getting a feeling of personal satisfaction for "being engaged" in what is going on.   Otherwise….how stupid can anyone be that they are still ‘undecided’ at this point.  I often wonder; did any of these people ever read the newspapers; watch any of the news shows; listen to the radio; or even more importantly…..did any of them ever in their lives read a history book  Actually I wonder if any of them ever read a book?  And comic books don't count.   

Published: 7 hours ago
Molotov Mitchell is president of the award-winning Illuminati Pictures. His specialty is entertainment communications,

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