Wednesday, October 3, 2012

(Courage of the Left) Hollywood turns to imams for script approval

Joseph Farah recalls when film industry cared about not offending the church - Once upon a time, I actually covered Hollywood. One of the things I discovered and wrote about in those days was the amazing story of how the movie industry had partnered with churches in America on its film projects.

In fact, until the mid-1960s, virtually no movie was released by Hollywood without script approval from offices established by the Catholic Church and the National Council of Churches. When the National Council of Churches was subverted and taken over by “progressives,” the institution lost interest in bringing some semblance of morality to the Big Screen. Soon, the Catholic Church did, too.

In other words, it wasn’t Hollywood that abandoned the church, it was the church that abandoned Hollywood – leaving the critical cultural institution to dive deeper and deeper into the moral abyss. All that’s history now… The report continued: “Filmmakers are worried that fundamentalists could target cinemas where their films are playing, with one admitting: ‘We are even asking if we dare release anything on this subject.’”

That subject, of course, is Islam. To Read More……

My Take - Actually the abandonment was mutual. Both had been undermined by the forces that were anti-god. Did anyone think that those who promoted the idea that "god was dead" and that the Bible was a "myth" within the churches were all done accidently? As for was always in the just needed and desprately desired societal acceptance for their lifestyle. All through history actors were considered low class immoral individuals. Why? Because they were! Nothing has changed except that now we hang on their every word because they can sing, dance or act better than the average person.

Get Real Folks!

Yesterday these people were parking cars, pumping gas and waiting on tables and now they are 'authorities" on every political, social and environmental issue. Did anyone really think that the ridiculous movies - that ended up being financial failures - promoting what would have been called degeneracy decades ago was by accident? The left infiltrated the “arts” going back to Joe Stalin. We know that factually from the release of the VENONA intercepts. They infiltrated Hollywood, the literary community, the universities, the unions, the news media, the radio business and…..yes…..they literally infested the Roosevelt administration, and infiltrated State Department along with the OSS, which became the CIA after WWII. And yes….Joe McCarthy was right! He was a nut…..but he was a nut that was right.

What I find truly remarkable isn't just the lack of courage among the leftists, which isn't anything new, since they will jump from one ship to another if it will get them the power they seek. It is their incredible stupidity that I find fascinating. The left is so hot to appease the Islamists; but what does anyone think would happen to these Hollywood kooks if Sharia actually was imposed?

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