Friday, September 14, 2018

Why are the Swedes so disgruntled?

Margaret Wente

Car burnings are not a rare sight in Sweden these days. Last month, a masked gang amok in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, and set 80 cars alight. A masked man speaking on a video blamed the attack on police, politicians and society. "Treat us like animals and we will behave like animals,” he warned. Over the past decade, the number of car arsons has steadily risen reaching 1,457 last year. The fires are typically in heavily immigrant neighbourhoods.

While Sweden remains a low-crime country, certain types of crime are on the rise. Gang and gun crime are prevalent in immigrant districts. Sexual assault has soared. Ambulances are attacked in some neighbourhoods. Innocent bystanders get blown up with grenades left over from some forgotten war. All that helps to explain why immigration and crime figured so heavily in Sunday’s election – and why the far-right Sweden Democrats made their best showing yet............

No wonder the Swedes are feeling a bit insecure these days. “No country cares more about its reputation,” Mr. Sanandaji says in an interview, “We like to think we are the best in the world. We don’t like the idea that we are no longer being seen as Utopia. It’s really hurting our self-image.”...........To Read More......

My Take - The Swedes need to stop worrying about their ego driven self image and start worrying about the huge increase in crime and violence as a result of the Muslim invasion.   Especially the rapes being perpetrated by immigrant Muslims, because their real image is more like the portrait of Dorian Gray to normal people.


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