Sunday, September 23, 2018

Manafort, Cohen and Captain Renault!

There's no bad government or good government, here's only limited government or unlimited government. 

By Rich Kozlovich

I know most of you have probably seen that classic movie Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and one of Hollywood's greatest actors, Claude Rains, as Captain Renault, a totally corrupt official, who while closing Rick's Café Américain uttered that famous line, "I'm shocked, shocked to find out gambling is going on here", then thanking the croupier for bringing his gambling winnings to him.  Done so with a complete lack of any sense of hypocrisy in his selective enforcement of law, or his private gain.
What do we actually know is two fold.  Trump is a cad and Mueller is our modern day Captain Renault. 
But is there anyone who didn't know, or at least believe, Trump was a cad?  I certainly thought so, and I've thought so for as long as I've known about Trump, which is easily been for over forty years.  I never liked Trump.  I still don't like him as a human being.   But as a President - if he can get through this and get re-elected, he will be one of the nation's greatest Presidents.
But what about Mueller.  What have we learned about him?  Is there anyone who really believes Mueller isn't a modern day Captain Renault?  Corrupt and self-serving!

What exactly was Cohen guilty of?

According to Cleta Mitchell in her  August 24, 2018 article, Fair-Minded Investigation or Partisan Witch Hunt? she says:
Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s proxy prosecutor in New York City has obtained a plea agreement with Michael Cohen on some pretty slimy personal-business issues, and in the process, obtained pleas to two federal campaign-finance-law violations . . . that, from my experience as an attorney in the field, do not appear to violate federal campaign-finance law.
What has any of that to do with Russian 2016 election collusion? 

As for Manafort, it's clear he was involved in some shady dealings, all going back many years, but what did any of that do with his involvement with the Trump campaign or Russian interference and collusion with the Trump campaign?

Make no mistake about this, the most frightening, and dangerous to the Constitution, of all the Deep State bureaucrats are federal prosecutors who can munipulate the system and turn people's live into a living hell.  With threats of huge prison terms that would frighten anyone, especially pampered weathy white men who've lived privileged lives, is it an wonder they give in and accept any deal that helps make that go away? 

We keep hearing about Mueller's ethics and his competence, but as time goes by it appears that was largely mythical. Seemngly he's so concerned about Russain collusion and campaing finance violations, but one has to ask: Where in his mandate does it restrict him to the Trump campaign and Trump supporters? 

There is already extensive and provable evidence of criminal activity by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign, "Starting "with the payments from the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to Fusion GPS for the infamous dossier that triggered the entire Mueller investigation of “Russian collusion.” Democrats’ payments for the discredited dossier were falsely reported as “legal fees” paid to Perkins Coie, and not disclosed as to the actual vendor, amount, or purpose — as required by federal law. It is a federal offense to falsify an FEC report, which was obviously done in this case."

"Why isn't he going there?  Why hasn't he swooped into Elias' offices and confiscated his records?  Mitchell states that:  "Marc Elias".... "the DNC, state Democratic parties, and the Clinton campaign. These co-conspirators collectively engaged in the greatest campaign-finance scandal in history."   

And our "Captain Renault" and his "team of partisan Democratic Party attorneys" are nowhere to be found!

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