Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tucker Carlson: Republicans ‘Don’t Really Care’ About Protecting Either You or Kavanaugh

By Craig Bannister | September 25, 2018

"Republicans in the Senate don’t really care about you" for the same reasons they aren’t interested in protecting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh from “obvious smears,” Tucker Carlson said Monday on his Fox News television program.

People who do care about other people actually try to protect them, Carlson argued:
"Republicans in the Senate don’t really care about you. If they did care about you, they would protect you. That’s what you do for people you care about: you protect them.”
Apathy is the reason that Republicans aren’t trying to protect Americans from a wide-range of serious threats – and it’s also why Republicans won’t protect Judge Kavanaugh, Carlson said:.........To Read More....

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