Sunday, September 23, 2018

Back to Anita Hill


Naturally, people are talking about her, with former vice president Joe Biden — chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time of the Thomas/Hill hearings ”saying that Christine Blasey Ford shouldn't be "vilified" as Hill was.

The situations are of course different in important respects. Judge Kavanaugh has been accused of much worse behavior than then-Judge Thomas was. The alleged behavior was also more recent, making it easier for senators to evaluate.

Adam White recently summarized some of the facts that went into that evaluation:
Not a single colleague of Hill's came forward to support her allegations. In stark contrast, the very last panel heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee featured eight women, seven of whom had worked with Thomas at the EEOC, the Department of Education, and in Senator John Danforth's office.......... 
Each was given three minutes to speak, and each of them forcefully rejected the charges. Johnson, herself the victim of sexual harassment at a previous job, offered the most powerful testimony...........To Read More....

Editor's NoteNow please compare this presentation of the Anita Hill events with Maureen Dowd's. 

Sick to Your Stomach? #MeToo

 ..............But I most dread the rhyming history we are plunged into now: the merciless pummeling of a woman who dares to obstruct the glide path of a conservative Supreme Court nominee.
It is unnerving to think how far women have come, only to find ourselves dragged back to the same place.............I didn’t sleep the week of the Hill-Thomas hearings. At first, I was feverishly trying to figure out what was true in their two diametrically opposite stories.
But it quickly became apparent that Thomas was lying..............His friends and supporters had talked publicly about how, at Yale Law School, Thomas was a regular patron of X-rated movie houses and enjoyed describing the porn to friends afterward.  But that was not introduced into testimony by either the Republicans or the Democrats...........To Read More....
My Take - I remember the Thomas hearings, and it became apparent to me Hill got caught up in shooting off her mouth to her leftist friends and then had to produce.  As for his friends and supporters who talked about his porn issues - who were they? 
If they Democrats knew about them does anyone really think they wouldn't have brought them up?  They publicly spoke about it and yet not one article appeared in the newspaper or on the news. 
Does that sound credible? 
And what so many forget is when Thomas move on from one job she tried to go with him.  Why would a woman who was so upset about her bosses behavior do such a thing?  I remember the Thomas hearings, but I don't remember them at all the way Maureen Dowd remembers them. 
But that should be expected since Maureen Dowd is a leftst loon. 

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