Saturday, September 22, 2018

Roll out the guillotine

As far as the left is concerned, Brett Kavanaugh is already convicted.

September 22, 2018 By Anna L. Stark

To say Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been accused, judged, and convicted in the court of public opinion is an understatement. Rule of law be damned. In fact, Judge Kavanaugh's accuser and her enablers have obliterated any fairness or equity as these apply to the foundational legal belief mandating that everyone in society be considered innocent until proven guilty. Senate Judiciary Committee members Senators Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar, both former prosecutors, have decreed that reasonable doubt does not apply in the case of the accuser's claim of sexual assault. Incredible as it may sound, her accusation doesn't need to be proven, either. In summation, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford simply made the accusation, therefore it must be true............Make no mistake: crafting this debacle began months ago and was set into motion just after Judge Kavanaugh's formal questioning ended.  Senator Feinstein admitted publicly she's been aware of Dr. Ford's letter since July.  Not surprisingly, and days after the accuser's revelation, Senator Feinstein also stated that she can't attest that the information contained within the letter is truthful.  In other words; Senator Feinstein is attempting to establish plausible deniability.  Sorry, Senator, but it's a little late for that – it was you who unleashed the maelstrom..............To Read More

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