Monday, September 24, 2018

UN Makes Buying ‘Made in the USA’ As Hard As It Can Get

  Frank Salvato

Did you know that before you even wake up in the morning you are subsiding profits to Chinese companies? It has to do with how our country levies shipping costs for products shipped from China. The fact is, shipping costs for products shipped by China into the United States are tantamount to nothing.

Without ever buying a single item online shipped from China, the American taxpayers – all of us – are subsidizing Chinese companies because of an antiquated system established by the Treaty of Bern in 1874. In its current form, it recognizes China as a poverty-ridden country and subsidizes shipping costs at a grotesque disadvantage to US companies and small businesses.

This issue caught my attention as I listened to a radio interview a couple weeks back. It featured a short-documentary filmmaker named Ami Horowitz, who did research on the subject. I urge everyone to watch the YouTube video short “Going Postal: Why are US Taxpayers subsidizing all Chinese packages?!” You will be disturbed.

As Horowitz explained, in addition to China’s low labor costs and almost non-existent regulatory oversight, China is taking advantage of a decade’s old antiquated system that established the Universal Postal Union, a creation of – you guessed it – the United Nations.

This “specialized agency” allows member nations to ship any product anywhere in the United States for a discounted rate; for China, about $1.50 a parcel without regard for real costs associated with delivery......To Read More.....

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