Saturday, September 22, 2018

Leftist Values on Parade

By Robin Siskel

A recent article by Victor Davis Hanson, The Descent into Progressive Madness, echoed a number of thoughts I've had over the last few years myself - concerns about the direction our nation is heading which are becoming more and more disconcerting. The all too widespread shift among the left-wing in America towards what not long ago would have been considered radical nihilistic statism, intolerance, and a disconnection from factual reality bodes extremely ill for our nation's future, including for those on the left themselves.

I don't even remotely understand today's modern left-wing, although I desperately wish I did. Because if we can't understand each other, how can we manage to actually work together for the benefit of the nation and all of our citizens? It's incomprehensible to me how the left can participate in, support, and fail to condemn so many different extreme positions - how they justify this sort of insanity to themselves - other than perhaps rather than consider consequences, the ideas seem emotionally satisfying to them initially. That, or they believe such positions will help 'em win somehow politically, allow them to gain power and control. It's utterly gobsmacking how totally divorced from reality they've become - and yet they are apparently proud of it!! All the more mind boggling to me considering the gross double standards on display.

Just a few examples of the sorts of issues that are so very problematic:
1. They strongly support Congressman and DNC Chairman Keith Ellison who has apparently credible claims of fairly recent sexual assault and abuse against him. While at the same time they are trying to torpedo Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination over an allegation that's not even remotely credible from over 35 years ago (same with Roy Moore). Ellison is a blatant anti-Semite, yet they support him along with other Democrats who have made seriously racist statements - but vilify Trump as somehow racist, simply because he stands against ALL illegal immigration regardless of where the illegals originate or the color of their skin. Never mind that Trump won the Ellis Island award for his excellent work helping minorities, accepting it on stage with Rosa Parks and Mohammad Ali. Never mind that Trump was the first major country club owner to open up to blacks, or that his policies have resulted in the historically record low unemployment for minorities, while Obama's resulted in record high levels of unemployment for all, especially minorities. Yet, Trump's a racist, and Ellison is great!
2. They love Democrat Corey Booker, who wrote and published an article claiming he groped a girl against her will. Yet he was elected Senator several years ago, and now is talking about a 2020 run for president! Will the left justify this by claiming it's somehow magically ok, since he fessed up and said it's bothered him ever since, as they have with others in the past? An absurd position of course - he still did it - or at least CLAIMS he did, but perhaps he's just virtue signaling to the left. Meanwhile we all know full well that if Kavanaugh had said "gee, I did grope Ford in High School, but thought it was all a game in fun and it's haunted me ever since" (as Corey Booker did about a college encounter), the Democrats would have gone after him all the harder and said that was PROOF he's grossly unsuited and can't be seated on the Supreme Court. But Corey "I groped her" Booker as Senator and possibly president of America is a great idea.
3. They supported Bill Clinton and reamed all who dared suggest that many of the claims of his sexual assaults, rapes, and womanizing were true... Had NO problems running Hillary for president regardless of the thousands of slam dunk felonies - for mishandling national security documents no less - AND with her history of personally destroying any woman who accused her husband of sexual improprieties. Yet now they say Kavanaugh cannot be on the Supreme Court because of a non-credible accusation about something which supposedly happened over 35 years ago as a kid and which even if true wasn't nearly to the level of Clinton's actions or Hillary's. Or Ellison's for that matter.
4. They support Senator Bernie Sanders, who loved the Soviet Union which slaughtered literally millions of their own people, but think Trump is a fascist autocrat destroying our democracy. Never mind that Trump is actually returning us to the normal rule of law in our nation, reversing Obama's unconstitutional actions, and significantly reducing regulations. What authoritarian fascist reduces regulations?? I think the answer to that is crystal clear.  
5. Then there's Biden's penchant for groping women. None-the-less, the left loves him right now and thinks it would be great he ran for president and might. There are all sorts of photos and videos of him improperly groping and kissing women and little girls, but he'd be great for president! Yet Kavanaugh, who's got no evidence against him and a sterling record, can't be on the Supreme Court. Trump's a fascist in the vein of the world's worst dictators, and Biden is a man of the people. (Editor's Note There was an correction in referring to Bernie as a groper when it was Biden.) 
6. And, of course, they supported Obama's unconstitutional actions, while claiming Trump overturning them is somehow a Constitutional crisis and constitutes major acts that are destroying our democracy!! Just ignore Obama's multiple racist statements and his history which also suggests some major bigotry (e.g., "typical white woman" - who raised him! - 'bitter bigoted bible and gun clingers,' etc.), all of his racially divisive actions and statements as president, going out of his way to hang out only with minorities and radicals according to his book "Dreams from My Father," choosing his Chicago church VERY carefully to ensure that it was a very large influential BLACK church, etc., etc. Ok, maybe his calculated choice of church wasn't actually racism, but was just blatant cold calculating political opportunism to gain political power - but what does that say about his views of blacks? And whites for that matter. All sorts of examples this way, but to the left, Obama is the messiah while Trump's the racist.
These are just brief examples. The list is nearly endless, unfortunately.

So... What alternate universe are they living in??? How do they justify such double standards to themselves? I couldn't look at myself in the mirror if I held such contradictory and self serving views. I honestly don't get it.

I never thought I'd see a day where such a large segment of the nation seems totally unhinged and openly flaunts double standards in such a blatant manner, all while vilifying and demonizing anyone who isn't in 100% lock step with them.

How can we possibly come together as one in this nation and work for the benefit of all when the left sees no problems in standing for such massively contradictory positions, supporting the very thing they call evil, if the individual involved happens to be "on their side", while condemning any who they don't happen to like "in the moment" or who's on the other side of the political fence, regardless of merit?

How is it possible to maintain a civil society under such conditions?