Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Fox News interview shows that the Kavanaugh family are the real victims

By Thomas Lifson September 25, 2018

The blowback begins.

The entire appeal of the assault on Brett Kavanaugh's character has been based on the left's adherence to the ideology of victimology. In any political situation, there are oppressors and victims, and "justice" demands that the victims triumph. Regardless of the facts. That is why Senator Mazie Hirono, with enough intelligence to graduate Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Hawaii and graduate from Georgetown Law School, forever discredited herself by telling men to "shut up and step up." Women are the victims of sexual harassment,├é and that's all that matters.

But with the moving Fox News interview of Judge and Mrs. Kavanaugh yesterday, embedded below, Americans got a view of the way in which this man and his family have been deeply hurt. If you have not already watched it, I urge you to view the whole thing. It starts a little slowly, but after Martha MacCallum's attempts to lead Judge Kavanaugh into venturing onto risky ground, by, for instance, speculating on the motives of his opponents, the talk turns to such matters as how the Kavanaughs are talking to their two young daughters about the horrendous accusations against their father.

Both parents come across as more sad than angry. You can see the sadness in their eyes almost throughout.......To Read More.....

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