Friday, September 28, 2018

Kavanaugh/Ford Media Aftermath

By Rich Kozlovich

Such media coverage, such media frenzy, such insanity, such amazing disrespect for common decency. It's disgusting how they've lied and destroyed a good man's life and caused so much suffering for he and his family, and for what?  Political gain. I've not seen anything as disgusting as this since the Thomas hearings. 

I thought Ted Kennedy was the epitome of disgusting.  I was wrong. 

One thing seems clear to me though, and that's Americans generally recognize a set up, they recognize disgusting behavior, they recognize corruption, and they resent it.

This won't backfire on the most slimy committee members like Feinstein, Booker,  Hirono, Harris, Blumenthal and Leahy, because they're absolutely representative of their constituents. But it will have an impact on others running for office. 

So why did the Democrats pick contemptible people to represent their party on the Judicary Committee?  Do they have a choice? 

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