Saturday, September 22, 2018

Democrats: We Already Know Kavanaugh Is Guilty [Montage]

‘I believe her because she is telling the truth’

Though he's yet to be afforded an opportunity to present a defense before the American people, many Democrats have already tried and convicted Judge Brett Kavanaugh on charges of sexual assault.

Christine Blasey Ford is accusing Brett Kavanaugh of forcing himself on her at 1982 party somewhere in Montgomery County, Md. Kavanaugh has released statements denying the allegation. Neither party has yet to provide full testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

No matter.

Kavanaugh, many Democrats say, is clearly guilty.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said Thursday: "I believe her because she is telling the truth and you know it by her story."   "Judge Kavanaugh has not asked to have the FBI review the claims," Gillibrand added. "Is that the reaction of an innocent person? It is not." When Sen. Duckworth (D-Ill.) was asked about Kavanaugh denying the accusation, the senator responded, "Well, I have heard, you know, many, many predators say and refute allegations against them."   Former spokesman for Bernie Sanders and CNN contributor, Symone Sanders, said she didn't even need to wait for more information: "For me there is no debate. I believe Professor Ford. Judge Kavanaugh has lied multiple times under oath." ......To Read More...

My Take - So, Gillibrand "knows" she's telling the truth....really?  How does she know that?  She knows that because Kavanaugh hasn't asked the FBI to investigate him.  Huh? 

And where and when did Kavanaugh ever lie under oath?  I can't find it anywhere but a spokesperson for Bernie Sander somehow knows he's lied "multiple times under oath".  If there ever was an event putting leftist hypocrisy and their unhinged thinking on parade....this is it. 

Others in this article insist they believe her for multiple reasons, but not one thing they say shows any they believe her because the evidence is insurmountable.  And there's a reason for that.  The evidence keeps shifting and crumbling. 

How unhinged can a person be and still sit in the U.S. Congress? 

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